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Be Wary of Online Divorce Services for NJ Divorce

NJ Divorce

Almost everything is being done online these days – work, school, government meetings and more. Why not a divorce?

As our Somerset County divorce attorneys can explain, there are actually many attorney-client meetings, hearings and even trials still being conducted virtually in New Jersey, as the threat of COVID-19 lingers. But this isn’t the same thing as online services that offer “cheap” and “quick” divorces. Such offerings predated the pandemic but have grown more popular as divorce cases overall have crept up in recent months and many remain reticent to resume in-person meetings.

As divorce lawyers, you might expect that we would strongly advise against using these services. The reason has less to do with any revenue loss we may incur and more to do with the fact that we’ve seen folks suffer a lot of unnecessary headaches using services that treat their divorce like a cookie-cutter scenario when it isn’t.

Fixing these mistakes won’t be as easy as you think, and can cost more in the long run. Once a divorce is finalized, seeking a change in the terms without the consent of both parties can be difficult and expensive. Parties can save themselves a great deal of time, stress and money by working with an experienced family law attorney from the beginning.

How Do Online Services Work?

Online divorce services are advertised as a shortcut legal option for obtaining a divorce. They offer lower prices, in-home convenience and they can be tempting. They usually provide the appropriate forms necessary to file for a legal divorce in New Jersey. Some also extend instructional aids, customer support and legal information that might be pertinent. The main problem, however, is that they offer a one-size-fits all approach. If your legal situation doesn’t exactly fit into that uniformity (and many don’t), you will be stuck figuring out complex legal matters on your own.

Often, these services don’t offer enough or the right type of paperwork or information necessary for those who are divorcing. This is almost always true if you have children, but it can also be the case for couples with several assets, medical issues, disparate incomes, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, domestic violence issues and other circumstances.

Even if an online divorce service gives you all the appropriate paperwork, it still may not be able to adequately answer all your questions. You may be able to Google certain legal terms that you don’t understand, but doing your own research on something as consequential as a divorce agreement can lead you to sign off on something when you don’t fully grasp the risk. By the time you discover the damage that’s been done, it could be very difficult – or too late altogether – to change anything.

Divorce Agreements Should be Tailored to Your Unique Situation

Online divorce platforms do not offer you the personalized legal services that an established family law firm can. Getting an online divorce means you’ll be very limited in the amount and kind of legal advice you’ll receive. It won’t help you cover potentially hidden assets or debts or assess the long-term implications of the concessions you’re making.

An experienced lawyer can analyze your unique situation and help you identify potential challenges and pitfalls – so you can avoid them. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers offer a broad range of service that can be customized to fit your needs. You will have someone with whom you can immediately discuss concerns – and the confidence that you’re making the best choices under the circumstances.

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