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New Jersey Child Support & Child Custody Rights

New Jersey Child Support & Child Custody Rights

Divorce’s most emotional issue in families with children revolve around child custody and child support. Remaining a part of your child’s life, and making sure you have the resources to properly raise, educate and care for a child, are of critical important to all loving parents.

Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder has built a reputation for working directly with each client, at every step of their case. In recognition of her service and results, she has been named to the Middlesex County Young Lawyer of the Year for 2018.

New Jersey child custody cases are complex, and are always best handled by an experienced attorney who focuses on family law matters. The outcome of your case and your future relationship with your children will be in the hands of your chosen law firm.

Child Custody and Support in New Jersey

New Jersey law recognizes that frequent and continuing contact with both parents is typically in the best interest of a minor child. Both parents have equal rights under the law. The court can award joint custody to both parents, sole custody to one parent with visitation rights for the noncustodial parent, or any other arrangement deemed appropriate by the court.

New Jersey child-support law uses an Income Shares Model when calculating support. The court will consider a wide range of factors, including standard-of-living of both parents; earning ability and education of both parents; Needs of a child; Age and health of child and parents; other child-support responsibilities of a parent; and a child’s educational needs.

In determining the amount of child support the court follows the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, which can be found in Appendix IX of the New Jersey Court Rules.

Sanctions for Child-Custody Noncompliance

Those who fail to comply with a visitation order may face any number of sanctions, including an order to pay a former spouse’s attorney fees; community service requirements; an award of additional time with a child to the aggrieved parent; a monetary award; or other economic sanctions.

New Jersey Parental Education Program

New Jersey law recognizes that child support and custody issues are complex and emotional, particularly for adults already dealing with the realities of a painful breakup.

Divorcing parents are required by law to complete the Parents’ Education Program. Parents are encouraged to take the classes seriously, as educating yourself about the law and potential pitfalls or complications can help alleviate the anxiety associated with reaching a child-custody and child-support agreement.

Among other topics, the course will cover:

  • The legal process of divorce or separation – including arbitration or mediation options.
  • Financial responsibilities involving children.
  • Skills for helping a child cope with a divorce.
  • Maintaining the parent-child relationship in a healthy manner.
  • Understanding the ramifications of noncompliance with support or visitation orders.

Learning can be a great coping skill. Together with sound advice from a family law attorney you trust, understanding your rights and the needs of children involved in divorce can make for the best chances of a fresh start.

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