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Contested Divorce

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Rozin | Golinder Law has represented numerous clients in contested divorce cases. From start to finish, our team can discuss your options, answer your questions, and represent you in court. Contested divorce proceedings are often stressful and emotionally difficult. Our compassionate East Brunswick divorce lawyers can stand by your side as you seek a favorable solution.

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Contested Divorce Laws in New Jersey

Uncontested divorce occurs when you and your spouse agree on all aspects of the divorce settlement. However, if you and your spouse are unable to agree on the terms of your divorce, your case will go to trial. With our experienced divorce attorneys at Rozin | Golinder Law, you can receive knowledgeable legal assistance throughout the process.

Contested divorce cases often involve disagreements about:

  • Equitable distribution of property, assets, and debts
  • Alimony awards
  • Grounds for divorce
  • Child support/custody arrangements
  • Visitation rights

New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. This means your property, assets, and liabilities will be divided fairly, not necessarily equally. Furthermore, only your marital property will be divided during a divorce. This refers to property you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. It may include homes, businesses, vacation properties, pensions, debts, and retirement accounts. Once the court identifies your marital property and assets, it will consider the value of the property and make a judgment based on several factors.

When dividing marital property and assets, the judge will consider:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • The physical health, age, and emotional wellbeing of each party
  • The tax consequences of the property distribution
  • The liabilities and debts of each party
  • The earning ability, education, and occupational training of each party

In contested divorce cases, New Jersey courts have a wide discretion in determining an equitable division of property and assets. If you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement out of court, you will begin the litigation process of contested divorce. Our East Brunswick divorce lawyers have guided hundreds of clients through the New Jersey legal system, and we can provide personal services and aggressive representation as you seek a positive outcome.

The Contested Divorce Litigation Process

Once you file and serve the divorce claim to your spouse, you must start preparing for litigation. In a contested divorce trial, you and your spouse will be given the chance to explain your arguments. You will also present evidence in support of your claims. This may include relevant documents, pictures, videotapes, and witness testimony. Depending on the complexity of your case, the trial may last a few hours or continue for days.

If a witness is not cooperative, you can file a subpoena to order them to appear and give testimony on your behalf. However, you do not have to file a subpoena for witnesses who are willing to testify. You must file the subpoena at least 5 days before the trial, as well as pay a fee for the witness’s cost of travel to and from the hearing.

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Contested divorce trials are often complicated and emotional. If you are facing a contested divorce, Rozin | Golinder Law can provide diligent representation. Our East Brunswick divorce lawyers care about each client and can work hard to meet your specific legal needs. With our compassionate services and tenacious representation, you can get the experienced legal assistance you need for your case.

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Real Reviews From Previous Clients

  • Forever Grateful

    “Professional and absolutely down to earth, Mrs Rosin-Golinder and her knowledgeable staff listened to my needs and crafted a prenuptial agreement that will not only act as a safety net for my business but as piece of mind if thing don’t go as planned. With my first marriage around the corner, my first child on the way and preparing for my first mobilization , it was an amazing feeling to have something I feared and was very very uncertain of, turn out for the best. Thank you is most certainly an understatement but for the sake of expression..... THANK YOU. You definitely have a client for life. Two thumbs up LIZ!!!”

    Anthony R.

  • Exceptional Attorney

    “Elizabeth has been representing our family for over a year now in a very sad and complicated custody case that involves the protection of my step daugter. It was a case where the original custody was out of another state. From the day we retained her she's been a godsend. Her motions and arguments reflect the personal interest she takes in every client. She's direct, honest, and very realistic. She's taken us through the temporary emergency custody process...the permanent custody process...and now the child support and contested custody process. She was instrumental in getting the jurisdiction of the child's custody granted to NJ. She has always prepared us for the worst yet we walked out with what we needed to happen each and every time. She's still fighting for this child through this last phase. Elizabeth is a true child advocate it's been apparent since day one. You never know what judges are going to decide but Elizabeth knows the laws, she knows the court room game, she develops a strategy and in my family's eyes she's a top notch attorney. I know one day soon she will climb to the ranks of one of the most powerful family attorneys in this state if she isn't alreay there. She's aggressive, smart, honest and a true talent at what she does.”

    Lynette D.

  • Successful Relocation

    “Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder successfully represented my wife on a couple of occasions. Once was for child custody and the most recent was for child relocation, which required a plenary hearing. Elizabeth was very easy to communicate with in person, over the phone and through email. She worked very diligently to ensure that each case was aggressively presented and won. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone in need of a top notch family attorney.”

    Joshua A.

  • Amazing Lawyer!!!

    “Elizabeth was amazing from the very beginning of my divorce process. She not only was clear and prompt in all communication, but also connected with me on a personal level where I felt very comfortable going into all details of my divorce and the reasons why I was getting divorced. I whole heartily recommend her and her team. Not only did she help me through the process, but did so within 4 months! I met her in March and was divorced by June! Thank you so much Liz, you are truly an exceptional lawyer!!”

    Shirley G.

  • Short, Sweet and Thankful

    “All I have to say is this, Elizabeth is an exceptional Lawyer, and in the field of Law, I can tell you she is a game-changer, I came to her in dire need to help me obtain my Daughter through emergency circumstances, the timing was urgent, and in a matter of hours she was able to accomplish custody of my daughter, she had only 2 hours to prepare for our hearing. That's all she needed, as sharp as she is, surprised it took her that long, Ha. This is a person that reminded me that there is a lot of good in this world. If anyone were to read this, I want to assure you that she will exhaust every opportunity and resource to get the job done accordingly. I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend her to anyone in need of Professional. Job Well Done Elizabeth, Zoë and I are very thankful.”

    Daniel C.