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Not all forms of alimony are meant to help pay an ex-spouse pay for current or future expenses. Reimbursement alimony is a unique and somewhat rare form of alimony that requires an ex-spouse repay expenditures covered mostly or entirely by their spouse while they were married. If you believe you deserve reimbursement alimony but your ex-spouse does not agree, you should retain the services of a professional alimony attorney to bolster your chances of receiving the finances you deserve.

At Rozin | Golinder Law, you can find an entire team of highly-experienced and praised family law attorneys in East Brunswick. We are led by Attorney Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, who is decorated by professional organizations, like Super Lawyers®, for her accomplishments and legal abilities. She was also chosen as the Middlesex County Young Lawyer of the Year for 2018. Discover how we can assist you in your alimony case by contacting us today.

Why Reimbursement Alimony May Be Needed

It is not uncommon for one spouse to maintain the entirety or majority of their household’s income while married. As a result, they may pay for all major expenditures, like buying the family car or paying the mortgage on a house. Reimbursement alimony may be ordered when one spouse pays for a major expense that mainly or only benefitted the other spouse, particularly those that relate to a future career.

Courts may approve reimbursement alimony to repay the costs of:

  • Schooling
  • Accreditations
  • Business training
  • Specific career requirements

Did you make a significant purchase or financial coverage for your spouse that you think should be reimbursed through alimony? Let our Middlesex County divorce lawyers know what happened during your free initial case evaluation.

Other Considerations for Reimbursement Alimony

A court will likely turn down a request for reimbursement alimony if an extended period of time has passed since the major expenditure and your divorce. In many regards, reimbursement alimony is used to rectify a situation in which someone may have used their spouse financially. For example, imagine a woman pays for her husband’s university attendance, and he files for divorce a few short weeks after receiving his degree. This could be interpreted as the husband only staying married for a manipulative, financial advantage.

Reimbursement alimony is also fairly rare in New Jersey family law courts since most spouses who could not afford major expenditures on their own while married have an even lesser chance after divorce. If you want your ex-spouse to repay you for a large expense you shouldered on their behalf, you must be aware they could argue they simply do not have the financial stability to make that happen. An alternative might be reducing the alimony you pay to them, or agreeing that you receive more property while deciding upon the division of assets.

Empower Your Argument with Our Legal Experience

Fighting for reimbursement alimony is probably not going to be easy. The likelihood of your spouse readily agreeing to repay you for past expenditures is low, even when your divorce seemed to be otherwise uncontested. Let our East Brunswick family law attorneys manage your case and take the stress out of the situation. You can feel confident in our many years of experience and personal approach to casework. Read our testimonials here.

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Real Reviews From Previous Clients

  • Exceptional Attorney

    “Elizabeth has been representing our family for over a year now in a very sad and complicated custody case that involves the protection of my step daugter. It was a case where the original custody was out of another state. From the day we retained her she's been a godsend. Her motions and arguments reflect the personal interest she takes in every client. She's direct, honest, and very realistic. She's taken us through the temporary emergency custody process...the permanent custody process...and now the child support and contested custody process. She was instrumental in getting the jurisdiction of the child's custody granted to NJ. She has always prepared us for the worst yet we walked out with what we needed to happen each and every time. She's still fighting for this child through this last phase. Elizabeth is a true child advocate it's been apparent since day one. You never know what judges are going to decide but Elizabeth knows the laws, she knows the court room game, she develops a strategy and in my family's eyes she's a top notch attorney. I know one day soon she will climb to the ranks of one of the most powerful family attorneys in this state if she isn't alreay there. She's aggressive, smart, honest and a true talent at what she does.”

    Lynette D.

  • Very Highly Competent, Excellent, Compassionate, NJ's Top Attorney

    “I retained her after reading online reviews about her and I am so glad I believed it. I read other client comments and I truly agree with them she is an Exceptional attorney who has helped me to get my kids back to NJ, then got my TRO dismissed in a full blown FRO trial and represented me in my divorce case too. My case was extensively litigious and very volatile. The way Elizabeth handled it was TERRIFIC. She is one of the Attorneys who does not want unnecessary litigation unless the opposing party doesn't want to settle and keeps litigating and we had to go through it. She knows the LAW and very often she is able to read the Judge's mind which I have witnessed in the court order.”

    Pranav G.

  • Forever Grateful

    “Professional and absolutely down to earth, Mrs Rosin-Golinder and her knowledgeable staff listened to my needs and crafted a prenuptial agreement that will not only act as a safety net for my business but as piece of mind if thing don’t go as planned. With my first marriage around the corner, my first child on the way and preparing for my first mobilization , it was an amazing feeling to have something I feared and was very very uncertain of, turn out for the best. Thank you is most certainly an understatement but for the sake of expression..... THANK YOU. You definitely have a client for life. Two thumbs up LIZ!!!”

    Anthony R.

  • Short, Sweet and Thankful

    “All I have to say is this, Elizabeth is an exceptional Lawyer, and in the field of Law, I can tell you she is a game-changer, I came to her in dire need to help me obtain my Daughter through emergency circumstances, the timing was urgent, and in a matter of hours she was able to accomplish custody of my daughter, she had only 2 hours to prepare for our hearing. That's all she needed, as sharp as she is, surprised it took her that long, Ha. This is a person that reminded me that there is a lot of good in this world. If anyone were to read this, I want to assure you that she will exhaust every opportunity and resource to get the job done accordingly. I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend her to anyone in need of Professional. Job Well Done Elizabeth, Zoë and I are very thankful.”

    Daniel C.

  • Successful Relocation

    “Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder successfully represented my wife on a couple of occasions. Once was for child custody and the most recent was for child relocation, which required a plenary hearing. Elizabeth was very easy to communicate with in person, over the phone and through email. She worked very diligently to ensure that each case was aggressively presented and won. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone in need of a top notch family attorney.”

    Joshua A.