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New Jersey Divorce Attorneys

Award-Winning Legal Advocacy for Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset & Union Counties

At Rozin | Golinder Law, our award-winning divorce lawyers will work directly with you at every step of your family law case while offering you zealous and personalized advocacy. Our team of New Jersey divorce lawyers help families in need navigate through difficult and emotional times. Your matter will never be passed off to a paralegal or even an inexperienced associate.

Our dedicated and qualified attorneys will work with you from start to finish providing personal attention and upfront honest counsel. Rozin | Golinder Law prides itself on telling clients what they need to hear even if that means telling them things they may not always want to hear. You will be well informed throughout the process and will never be left wondering what is happening in your matter.

We serve individuals and families throughout Middlesex County, Monmouth County, and all surrounding areas from our offices in East Brunswick and Freehold, NJ.

At Rozin | Golinder Law, You & Your Family Come First

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Fighting For What Matters Most

Meet Our Team of Legal Professionals

Our team has a long-standing career in both family law and divorce cases. Together we share decades of experience, multiple awards, and a diverse range of skills and talents. In every divorce case we handle, we craft individualized legal strategies that help our clients protect their rights.

Our attorneys have focused their careers and legal practices on guiding individuals and families through difficult times. From divorce and child custody disputes to matters of domestic violence, child abduction, and post-divorce modifications, we are prepared to help you navigate the issue successfully. Call (732) 810-0034 to request your free case evaluation today!

Working With Our Firm

Reasons Why Clients Refer Us To Their Friends & Family
  • Our practice is exclusively dedicated to Divorce & Family Law matters with nearly 60 years of combined experience.

  • Mediation services are available with our Certified Mediator who has over 25 years of family law experience.

  • We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach and offer personalized legal strategies for each client.

  • We provide zealous advocacy throughout your entire matter and will always be upfront and honest with you.

Focused On Protecting You & Your Family

If you are seeking to amicably resolve an uncontested divorce, negotiate a parenting plan, or if you need to aggressively defend you and your children’s rights in family court, we offer the caring and diligent representation that will get you results. Our divorce lawyers and mediators are skilled negotiators and litigators who will with you to tailor a legal strategy specific and individualized to your circumstances and goals.

With the trusted legal support you need and deserve we are ready to help you through this difficult time. Regardless of the size, scope, or complex nature of your case, our experienced team of legal professionals will work toward helping resolve your case.

To get started, we recommend reaching out to our firm to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys by calling (732) 810-0034 today.

Real Reviews From Previous Clients

  • Very Highly Competent, Excellent, Compassionate, NJ's Top Attorney

    “I retained her after reading online reviews about her and I am so glad I believed it. I read other client comments and I truly agree with them she is an Exceptional attorney who has helped me to get my kids back to NJ, then got my TRO dismissed in a full blown FRO trial and represented me in my divorce case too. My case was extensively litigious and very volatile. The way Elizabeth handled it was TERRIFIC. She is one of the Attorneys who does not want unnecessary litigation unless the opposing party doesn't want to settle and keeps litigating and we had to go through it. She knows the LAW and very often she is able to read the Judge's mind which I have witnessed in the court order.”


  • Short, Sweet and Thankful

    “All I have to say is this, Elizabeth is an exceptional Lawyer, and in the field of Law, I can tell you she is a game-changer, I came to her in dire need to help me obtain my Daughter through emergency circumstances, the timing was urgent, and in a matter of hours she was able to accomplish custody of my daughter, she had only 2 hours to prepare for our hearing. That's all she needed, as sharp as she is, surprised it took her that long, Ha. This is a person that reminded me that there is a lot of good in this world. If anyone were to read this, I want to assure you that she will exhaust every opportunity and resource to get the job done accordingly. I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend her to anyone in need of Professional. Job Well Done Elizabeth, Zoë and I are very thankful.”


  • Extraordinary star lawyer; gets results for you and your child

    “Having been a legal professional for over 20 years with the top and largest law firms in NY, FL and DC., I can say, without reservation, Elizabeth is the caliber of attorney that rivals the best of the best. With only two hours to prepare for an emergent custody order to show cause hearing; Elizabeth was extremely knowledgeable of the applicable family laws and was very prepared to present the case for my son and the safety of his child. Elizabeth demonstrated the right temperament to present the facts of the case with such detail and eloquence without agitating the judge knowing exactly the exact points to drive home. A measure of a good attorney is that he/she is prepared and can communicate effectively to the judge without resorting to childish tactics or attacks against the opposing attorney or the other parent which Elizabeth embodies. Elizabeth was composed, experienced and tactful that is very hard to find in attorneys today. Finding a reliable, honest, and dedicated attorney is not an easy task. The process itself can be as tiresome, complicated, and confusing. Not surprising to me Elizabeth is poised to be rated one of the top divorce and custody lawyers in NJ/NYC and possibly the nation. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a top notch family law attorney. ”


  • Amazing Lawyer!!!

    “Elizabeth was amazing from the very beginning of my divorce process. She not only was clear and prompt in all communication, but also connected with me on a personal level where I felt very comfortable going into all details of my divorce and the reasons why I was getting divorced. I whole heartily recommend her and her team. Not only did she help me through the process, but did so within 4 months! I met her in March and was divorced by June! Thank you so much Liz, you are truly an exceptional lawyer!!”


  • Successful Relocation

    “Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder successfully represented my wife on a couple of occasions. Once was for child custody and the most recent was for child relocation, which required a plenary hearing. Elizabeth was very easy to communicate with in person, over the phone and through email. She worked very diligently to ensure that each case was aggressively presented and won. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone in need of a top notch family attorney. ”


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