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Who is Responsible for the Cost of Daycare After a Divorce?

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Child support is one of the most important resources for ensuring children are cared for after a divorce. For parents going through a divorce, it is common to have questions regarding what child support can be used for. For example, does child support cover daycare? In this blog, our Middlesex County child support lawyers will explain New Jersey's child support laws and how they apply to daycare costs.

Child Support and Childcare in New Jersey

In addition to basic child support, both parents should contribute to the cost of work-related childcare expenses. Work-related childcare may also include:

  • After school care
  • If needed, care provided before school
  • A babysitter or nanny to care for the child in the home
  • Care for the child in the summer through a day camp, summer camp, or other type of summer care program

How is Child Care Determined Included in Child Support?

The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines state that childcare should be allocated between the parents in proportion to their total combined parental income percentage. These guidelines determine what the weekly cost of support will be.

For example, if Parent 1 earns $1,000 per week and Parent 2 also earns $1,000 per week, they would both be responsible for 50% of the cost of childcare. If Parent 1 is also the custodial parent and pays $300 per week to the childcare provider, then Parent 2 would owe them $150, or 50% of the cost of childcare, to cover their portion.

What is a Work-Related Child Care Expense?

For child care to be covered under child support, it must be considered a work-related child care expense. Essentially, work-related childcare is when a parent must enlist help from a childcare provider to watch their child because they must work.

Therefore, in a situation where the child needs to be babysat one evening, child support would not be considered a work-related child care expense. However, in the event the child needs to be babysat every day until the parent gets home from work, it would be considered a work-related expense.

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