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Job Loss During New Jersey Divorce

Forbes recently tackled the issue of job loss during divorce.

Divorce can be a disruptive time and job loss can be a surprisingly common consequence. While either can be stressful, taken together they present unique challenges; particularly when your job performance or the reason for your dismissal is taken up for review by the court.

Our experienced Monmouth County divorce lawyers pride ourselves on providing comprehensive representation to clients throughout the area, including Middlesex, Somerset, and Union counties. While we have tackled many of the most common issues here on our New Jersey Family Law Blog - including starting your new life after divorce and planning for divorce – job loss or career changes are also quite common during the divorce process.

New Jersey Divorce: Change in Income

When it comes to employment status during divorce, the court will likely concern itself with two primary factors: Earning capacity and what loss of employment says about your mental health and fitness, particularly when child custody is at issue.

Sometimes, such upheaval can even be desirable and lead to a better outcome, as we discussed in our blog Career Training During New Jersey Divorce. But, as with so much during divorce, it is all about the execution. As Forbes puts it: divorce might not be the best time in the eyes of the court for retraining for a dream career that pays half as much as your current salary.

A divorce lawyer in Monmouth County should always be ready to assist you with both career advice and legal help related to your job status and financial future. In some cases, clients are simply caught up in a mass layoff or circumstances beyond their control. In other cases, moving out of a marital home, alcohol or drug use, or other social instability may contribute to job loss. In still others, a client may leave a position with the belief that the temporary reduction in income will result in lower spousal or child support obligations.

Job Loss and Alimony or Child Support

In cases where poor performance or voluntary separation leads to a sudden loss in income, the Court is likely to hold you financially responsible, which can result in dire financial consequences.

While it may seem an unfair burden, the truth of the matter is that all of your actions are carefully scrutinized during divorce – from your employment status and living arrangements, to what you post on social media, to how you spend your time on Friday and Saturday night.

Your Monmouth County divorce law firm must know how to build a case that best protects your rights, while helping you avoid some of the most common pitfalls of divorce, both before and after your judgment is finalized. Seeking a post-judgment modification after a job loss or significant change in circumstances is best done in a timely manner. Falling behind on child support or alimony, even when it’s because of legitimate economic challenges, will create more financial problems and legal consequences than dealing with your financial situation in a proactive manner.

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