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Why I Became an Attorney

Elizabeth Rozin-GolinderWhy did I become an attorney? More importantly, why did I become a divorce and family law attorney? This is a complicated answer to what seems to be a simple question. While there are many reasons why I became an attorney and have opened my own law firm, my parents are the main reason I chose this career. Being the child of immigrants made my childhood a little bit different than most of my peers. My parents came here to give me a better life. They came here to give me a future. I knew this and I wanted to make their difficult journey worth all of their sacrifices.

Because I am the first generation in my family born in this country I did not grow up automatically speaking English. My parents felt it was essential for me to learn how to speak Russian and I did. Thus, I could not speak English when it was time to start pre-school and initially could not communicate with the other children. Little did I know this temporary language barrier would lead me to where I am today.

I felt lost and alone at school because I could not speak to the other children and so I made up a little girl named “Evelyn” too play with. I made up Evelyn so I too could have a friend as none of the other children could speak Russian. My parents worked constantly to achieve the “American Dream” and making a new life for them was not easy. They were forced to learn a new language, go to new schools, and find new professions.

My parents saw how difficult it was for me to transition into a new environment and did everything they could to help me. One of the most important things they did was introduce me to music. They took me for piano lessons and the language of music became my new friend. Slowly I relied less and less on Evelyn for company and turned more to my new-found hobby. Music gave me courage and I started to interact with other children. In about a year I was speaking English well enough to make friends and Evelyn was no longer a part of my life.

Even though I learned how to speak English, I did not forget my Russian culture, nor did I forget how to speak fluently. When it came to deciding what I would do with my life I reflected on what my parents have been through and my own journey to that point. I learned the English language and the language of music. Why not learn another language? So I did- I learned the language of law.

I understood when choosing a career that English is not the only important language one may need to know in America to keep from feeling lost. The legal language in our country is one that not many speak or understand. As a result, a grown adult may end up as lost and confused as a small child with an imaginary friend. This is also the reason I have specifically focused my career on divorce and family law. I believe this is an area of law in which clients need individualized attention and where attorneys can really make a difference. People going through a divorce or a family law matter can often feel alone and confused. I make it my mission to ease my clients’ anxieties and comfort them during a difficult time all while offering them compassionate and aggressive representation. When I chose to be an attorney, I did so with a goal of helping people. By becoming an attorney, I continue my passion for bridging the “language” gap that occurs in people’s lives and try to help people that feel as lost as I did many years ago.

If you have a divorce or family law matter you need help with, it would be my pleasure to meet with you to discuss your rights and options. I am here to help you through your difficult time and will work diligently to meet your goals. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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