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How a Successful Mediation Can Make Divorce Easier for the Kids

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When divorce and custody issues arise, people often assume a contentious court battle between the two spouses is inevitable. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There is more than one way to resolve legal disagreements in family law cases. Instead of battling for custody and parenting time in Court, divorcing parents can opt for mediation in order to reach a resolution in the case.

Why Choose Mediation

Mediation involves consulting with a neutral third party, a mediator, to help parties resolve their differences in a structured and more peaceful manner than litigation. The process of mediation can have significant benefits over drawn-out Court battles.

Some of the reasons people choose to go through mediation are:

  • It’s less stressful
  • It’s less expensive than litigation
  • The process is quicker
  • There is more flexibility
  • It's more private and confidential
  • Focuses more on the child’s benefit

Solving Custody Issues in Mediation

When it comes to custody decisions, parents have a hard time differentiating between their needs and the needs of their child. No parent wants to give up time with their child, but they need to think about what is going to be best for their child post-divorce, not what is better for them.

To make mediation more successful, keep these tips in mind:

  • Approach the situation with an open mind
  • Actively listen to your ex-spouse’s concerns and ideas
  • Acknowledge that your child needs to spend time with both of you
  • Be willing to compromise to reach a peaceful solution
  • Don’t badmouth your child’s other parent
  • Don’t take this time to fight over the details of why your marriage ended
  • Come to mediation prepared by bringing a proposal for time-sharing
  • Always focus on your child’s needs

In mediation, you can express your wishes and desires for custody in an environment that is geared towards reaching a resolution everyone can live with, and one that is crafted specifically for your family. The mediator will be able to help you work toward an agreement that will benefit you and your spouse’s different needs while keeping a balance with what is in your child’s best interests.

Rozin | Golinder Law is Here for You

At Rozin | Golinder Law, we offer creative solutions to complex legal disputes, which is why we have dedicated part of our practice to mediation. A successful custody and parenting time plan requires an on-going relationship between parents, which is why it is in everyone’s best interest to resolve issues as peacefully as possible. We understand the need for a trustworthy and competent mediator to help you through your NJ child custody case and are ready to help you resolve your case.

To learn more about the mediation process, call Rozin | Golinder Law today at (732) 810-0034.

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