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How to Successfully Co-Parent Around the Holidays

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December is a time of year where many families come together to celebrate the holiday season. However, parents might find themselves stressed about keeping things afloat, especially if they are divorced. Co-parenting is a challenging task at any time of the year, but balancing a holiday schedule can bring in new complexities. That’s why Rozin | Golinder Law is here to help. Follow our suggestions to ensure that your holiday season goes as smoothly as possible.

Revisit Co-Parenting Plans

Before you jump headfirst into the holidays, take some time to review your co-parenting plans or any other important documents. This is a crucial step in co-parenting during this time of year, as you and your ex-spouse likely included details surrounding the holidays. For example, you may have decided when the kids will be picked up from one house and go to another. Maybe you specified certain meeting locations, such as their grandparent’s house. Reviewing these plans allows you to bring up any essential information to your ex.

Discuss Things With Your Ex-Spouse

After looking over your important documents, such as a co-parenting agreement, have a conversation about it with your ex-spouse! This will make sure that you are both on the same page preparing for the holidays. Furthermore, you will be able to make decisions about events such as gift opening. Will this happen at both parents’ houses? Or will all gifts be opened at one location? Maybe last-minute plans have come up, meaning that you have to make adjustments to the schedule. Communicate openly with your ex-spouse

Involve Your Kids

In order to have a successful holiday season co-parenting, remember to involve your kids in the planning process when possible. For example, ask them what activities they would like to do when they are spending time with you. This gives your children agency, allowing them to choose how they spend their time and providing a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic time of the year. Potential bonding activities include baking holiday goods or watching a seasonal movie. The activity does not have to be overly complex in order to create a meaningful experience for your children.

Rozin | Golinder Law Can Help

By following these suggestions, you can take steps to ensure a positive co-parenting experience for your children during the holiday season. If you and your ex-spouse are struggling to remain on the same page, don’t fear. Our experienced custody attorneys can help you navigate co-parenting, benefiting your whole family.

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