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How to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

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If you have a loved one going through domestic violence, it is difficult to know the best way to help. Sometimes, the fear of not knowing how to help prevents you from reaching out or even attempting in the first place. That’s why Rozin | Golinder Law is providing tips to help individuals going through domestic violence.

Create Space & Time

If you are concerned for your loved one or suspect they are experiencing abuse, start by reaching out to them and making time for a conversation. You likely do not know exactly what they are going through, so it is critical that you set aside ample time for them to disclose their feelings and emotions.

Initiate Conversations & Listen

When you initiate conversations about domestic violence, let your loved ones know that you are concerned for their well-being and safety. Furthermore, you should always tell them that the information you receive from them is secure and confidential with you. While you process information from your loved one, make sure to listen without a judgemental attitude. Remember that not everyone is searching for solutions but simply needs time to air their emotions.

Validate Feelings & Believe

It can be shocking to learn that someone you know is capable of domestic violence. However, you should take the necessary steps to show support for your loved ones when experiencing abuse. Let them know that you believe their story and they are not deserving or at fault for what they are going through. It is also essential to validate their feelings. Let them know that it is entirely normal for them to have complex feelings on the subject.

Reach Out to Rozin | Golinder Law

If you feel your loved one is not safe in their circumstances, contact our experienced New Jersey attorneys ASAP. An attorney can help arrange a restraining order, taking steps to ensure the safety of your loved ones and their family. Rozin | Golinder Law treats each client like they are our own friends or family, putting their safety first.


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