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Getting Ready For Mediation Sessions

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Before you enter a mediation session, you might find yourself wondering how you can best prepare. To get the most out of having a third-party mediator, there are things you can do to get ready for your sessions.

Rozin | Golinder Law is here to help guide you through the process.

Be Prepared

One way that you can best prepare for mediation is to get everything you need ready. For example, your attorney can assist you in gathering the appropriate documentation that you need to proceed. Or, if you have specific questions or needs, make sure you enter the mediation sessions with these already written down. By taking the necessary time for preparation, you will be able to enter mediation sessions more confidently and articulate your family’s needs.

Actively Listen

However, you will not be the only individual with wants or needs. Your ex-spouse will also have their own questions or concerns to bring to the table. The best thing you can do is actively listen during these conversations to understand where they are coming from during the process. Through active listening, you can also work to reach a fair compromise that works for both of you and your children. Your mediator is there to hear out both sides of the story and help you reach a reasonable compromise.

Take Feedback in Stride

During sessions, you will likely receive feedback that might be difficult to process at first. With active listening comes the ability to take feedback in stride. Understand that mediation is a constructive process where you work creatively to find compromises and solutions rather than refusing to budge. You might find that you can learn something from this feedback and apply it to future situations, such as co-parenting.

Know Your Attorney Is There

Throughout the mediation process, you will have your attorney in your corner helping you prepare for the sessions with your third-party mediator. The team at Rozin | Golinder Law can ensure that you enter the process with the right mindset, helping you reach a compromise and reducing the stress that comes with divorce.

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