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Why You Should Consider a Prenup

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Did you know that June is one of the most common months for couples to get married? This time of year, many couples are busy planning their big day - but have you considered signing a prenup agreement? A prenuptial agreement can provide a number of benefits for both individuals in a relationship. This blog post will discuss why you should consider getting a prenup before walking down the aisle.

Protecting Assets

One of the biggest benefits of signing a prenup is that it can help to protect your assets in the event of a divorce. If you have significant assets or property, you may want to consider protecting them with a prenup. Without such an agreement in place, these assets could be divided evenly between you and your spouse in the event of a divorce - even if you don't want them to be.

Plans In Place

A prenuptial agreement can also help to protect you in the event of a death. If your spouse dies unexpectedly, without a prenup in place, you may be left with nothing. With a prenup, however, you can ensure that you will inherit at least some of your spouse's estate.

Resolving Disputes

Another benefit of a prenup is that it can help to avoid costly and protracted divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse have different ideas about dividing your assets, a prenuptial agreement can help resolve these disputes quickly and efficiently. This can save both you and your spouse time and money in the long run.

Attorneys Who Can Help

Ultimately, signing a prenuptial agreement is a personal decision. But if you are considering marriage, it is something that you should definitely think about. A prenup can provide a number of important benefits for both individuals in a relationship. So if you're on the fence about whether or not to sign one, here are three reasons why you should go ahead and do it: protection of assets, protection in the event of a death, and avoidance of costly divorce proceedings. An experienced attorney at Rozin | Golinder Law can assist you and your future spouse in the creation of a valid and effective prenuptial agreement.


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