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Your Middlesex County Divorce Lawyer and You

If you’re thinking about getting a divorce in Middlesex County, New Jersey (NJ) or you have been served with divorce papers here, you need legal advice about the divorce process and what to expect. At Rozin ‖ Golinder Law, LLC, our Middlesex County divorce lawyers will provide you with personalized, top-notch service during this difficult time.

What You Should Expect from Your Middlesex County Divorce Lawyer

Most people first encounter the NJ legal system due to a personal matter, such as a divorce. Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder understands that many people don’t have personal knowledge about how the Middlesex County legal system works.

She also knows how daunting it can be to be placed into a world where you don’t understand the language. As a young child in the U.S., Elizabeth did not speak English when she started pre-school. This gave her an appreciation for how many people may feel when dealing with the language of the law. As a result, Elizabeth has developed a passion for competency in NJ divorce law, as well as the ability to provide her clients true support as they face the life-changing situation of divorce.

1. The Basics: Competence in NJ Divorce Law

NJ legal ethics rules require that you receive competent legal assistance when you hire a licensed Image of a New York and New Jersey Map, Showing the Importance of Hiring the Right Middlesex County Middlesex County divorce lawyer. But make no mistake, there are significant variations in the level of legal care you will receive.

Some divorce lawyers struggle to juggle their many responsibilities to different clients in different areas of the law. Some accept family law cases, such as divorce cases, with little to no experience in the area. Others neglect their responsibilities entirely, failing to communicate with their clients or to involve them in a meaningful way in their cases.

When you hire Rozin ‖ Golinder Law, you hire a Middlesex County divorce lawyer who handles only divorce and other family law cases. In short, you hire an attorney who has chosen to learn all the law in the area. Because of this, you receive exceptional legal representation. Still, you deserve more than basic competence.

2. You Deserve More than the Basics from Your Middlesex County Divorce Lawyer

Here are many of the areas in which you’ll receive exceptional legal representation and service when you hire Rozin ‖ Golinder Law as your Middlesex County divorce lawyer.

Advice and Counsel

A divorce changes not just your personal relationships but many other things, as well, such as your support system and your financial condition. And these changes will likely affect you for the rest of your life. Under circumstances like these, you cannot afford to work with a lawyer who provides advice and counsel that are anything less than exceptional.


When you hire a Middlesex County divorce lawyer, you should expect that your lawyer will provide you with strong advocacy in your case. While many lawyers may “talk a good game,” they cannot excel in advocacy without advanced legal knowledge.


Your NJ divorce attorney must keep the lines of communication open with you throughout your case. Certainly, sending you copies of major documents helps in this process. However, you should know that you have the support of your Middlesex County divorce lawyer all the time. You should feel confident that when you call or email your attorney, you will hear back from him or her in a timely manner.


When you hire Rozin ‖ Golinder Law as your Middlesex County divorce lawyer, you don’t need to worry about your personal information becoming public. We understand how important our clients’ privacy is, and we require complete confidentiality from all our staff.


Perhaps most importantly, when you are going through a divorce, you need to support of an attorney who realizes that you need individualized attention and empathy in your situation. You should expect that your attorney will work with you to ease your anxiety and to offer you comfort in an extremely stressful time of your life.

When you choose a Middlesex County divorce lawyer, you’re choosing a partner. A trusted legal partner should support and advise you through all the ups and downs that accompany divorce. For exceptional legal representation, contact me, Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, by filling out my Contact Form or calling (732) 810-0034. As a family lawyer located in East Brunswick, I have years of experience as a NJ divorce attorney, and I would be honored to serve as your divorce lawyer.

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