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Communicating With Co-Parents

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While some couples may choose not to communicate with one another after a divorce, it is likely because they did not have children. If you are a parent going through a divorce and have joint custody of your child, you will still need to communicate with your ex-spouse. While this is understandably a stressful situation, there are multiple ways that you can approach it.

Send an Email

While email sounds old-fashioned these days, it is still a great way to keep track of communication with your spouse. You don’t have to use your personal cell phone and can have a dedicated place to handle all important discussions about your children.

Chatting Via Texts

If emails feel too formal to you, you can also utilize texting. However, remember that your ex-spouse could easily delete a text message. This means that it is important to keep track and record all instances of communication.

Phone Call Conversations

Sometimes issues are too complex for text-based communication. It might be best to opt for a phone call in these situations. While talking to your ex-spouse may be uncomfortable, remember that you are doing it for your children and their well-being.

In-Person Meet Ups

Not all divorces end with contentions. If you and your ex-spouse are able to discuss things in person amicably, this is another great option to communicate about your children. These meetings could happen somewhere where you are both comfortable.

Final Tips

When talking with your ex-spouse, always remember to be direct and honest. Give them all of the information and updates they need on the children. Furthermore, take turns speaking so that you each have a chance to articulate your needs or any changes.

Custody Issues? We Can Help

If you ever run into any custody issues, it is important to contact an experienced attorney. The team at Rozin | Golinder Law can lend a helping hand.


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